Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Linux Action Show 1/8/12 /LinuxMint Rant

I just can't love this show enough and for the new year Bryan graced us with his presence. I like Allan, but he is better fit for TechSnap where reason rules the day. For my LAS, I want emotional judgements and lots of shouting (possibly some nose blowing), and this show had it all. I began listening to the live stream in the car over the audiocast at jblive.am, where the ChrisLAS forgot to turn off the old-timey music. It was hard to pay attention, as the volumes were just right where you couldn't here anything, but I persevered as a true fan would. This week we were given the a look back on last years predictions and the predictions for the next year. All and all it was good fun, but my favorite was the prediction for Linux Mint.
     Linux Mint has never been my distro of choice. I could never get into all of that green, but everyone seems to like it and I can respect that. As a huge Gnome 3 fan, I was dismayed with the vocal response to 3.0, and even 3.2, but saw that some people could find safety from the storm in Linux Mint 12. Forking the entire Gnome project seems like a such a poor idea. It took several years for the Gnome team, which has to be larger than the Mint team, to create the 3.0 release. It is even arguable if that release should have been a beta release. There is no way that the Mint team will be able to maintain both a forked Gnome 3 and a Mate release. People complain about everything when it changes, and this was a chance for Mint to really make a name for itself by prettying up Gnome 3, as no one else is even attempting that. That is all Mint has ever been, is a pretty Gnome based Ubuntu desktop with codecs. Instead they caved, and are clinging to an old way of accomplishing tasks that will be forgotten as predicted by the LAS gentlemen.
     The idea that Gnome 3 can be make to look and feel like Gnome 2 or anything really is a testament to the configurable nature of the DE. Although most of the options are not user present at the moment, they are there and will eventually have tools to change them. Long live Gnome.
     I am going to try to update this on a more frequent basis, so if you find yourself here, leave a comment, I'd love to have an argument.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Post

First post on this blog.  I guess I will talk about how I feel about the current linux landscape.

I am a graduate student in electrical engineering, and use Linux daily with a mix of open source and proprietary tools.  Because I did not have time to spend setting up a complicated distro, I use Ubuntu at school.  At home I have tried almost all major distos and am currently running Arch with Gnome 3.

Anyways, we will see how this goes.